Intelligent Patient Engagement

Transparency for your patients, increased revenue for your practice. 

The Issue: Decreasing patient responsibility collection rates.

With out of pocket costs for patients increasing 230% over the past ten years doubtful and charged off account rates are climbing everyday. Over 80% of self-pay net revenues go unrecovered and default at a rate of 30% or more. Therefore, it can cost twice as much to collect from a patient as it does from a payer.

The Solution: A patient-centric payment platform for your patients.

The Hello Patients platform will allow your practice to offer a clear and transparent option for your patients. Increase your patient responsibility collection rates and streamline your RCM effectiveness. From point of service to recurring payments our robust platform will allow you to manage repayment effectively.

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Patient Thoughts

Patients are seeking simplicity.


Turn patient responsibility into a profit center!

Let Hello Patients drive your bottom line! We allow you the ability to gain commitment to pay right at point of service while giving your patients the peace of mind knowing they have the ability to pay in full and on time. Schedule a demo today!

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